Volvo Diesel Engines: Locating your serial number

Locate Your volvo serial Number

When quoting a customer on an engine, we always need an engine serial number. This information ensures that the replacement engine will be an exact fit for the piece of equipment or truck.

Engine serial numbers can be found on the engine tag or stamped into the block

The engine data plate can be found on the front cover. The engine data plate contains the name of the manufacturer, the model of the engine, the engine serial number, and the arrangement number. The engine serial number may be found stamped into the engine block, located behind the compressor.

Can’t find the tag on the valve cover?

We made this video just for you so you can find the engine serial number stamped on the block. This video shows where Volvo generally places the number on the block. If you have a different model engine it might be in a slightly different place. This video will give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

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