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Know your serial number

When looking to buy a replacement engine for your piece of equipment, it is important to know your CAT 3406 engine serial number. You can always find this information on the data plate or engine “tag.”

Sometimes this data tag can fall off from wear and tear. For this reason, engines have serial numbers elsewhere too. 

Usually, serial numbers for CAT 3406 engines are 8 digits long.

image of CAT 3406B stamped on the block

Your engine serial number is also stamped in the block

The engine serial number on this CAT 3406 can be found stamped into the block below the turbo. In other words, it you can find it just to the left of the fuel oil cooler on the turbo side of the engine.

On this particular engine, the data tag fell off after extended use of the engine. Because the data tag may not stay on the engine, serial numbers are also stamped into the part of the engine called the “block.”

The block is like the tough outer shell of the engine, keeping everything safe inside. The picture to the right shows how tricky it can be to find the serial number on the block. 

if the tag is gone, find your cat engine serial number on the block.

Look for your serial number on your engine block. We made this video just for you so you can find your engine serial number!

Don't have a Cat 3406?

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