Time is Money

In the business and construction world, lost time is lost income. So, when equipment breaks down or wears out, time is of the essence. For businesses that utilize diesel engines and are in need of parts or even replacing an engine, Diesel Sales can handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

The Diesel Engine People

Known as the Diesel Engine People, Diesel Sales is a family owned business with over 50 years of experience selling diesel engines. Diesel Sales was started by Howard Gossage in January of 2010 and currently has an inventory of over 700+ Caterpillar, Cummins, Deere, Detroit, Komatsu, Perkins, Yanmar and many other engines and diesel engine parts.

 “From the beginning, Diesel Sales has been an Internet business. Most everybody uses the Internet, and for us to be competitive, we felt we needed to have the business be online.” That being said, having a warehouse full of product gives Diesel Sales the advantage of being able to ship quickly, often within 24 hours, because Chicago is shipping hub of the US, Diesel Sales can ship quickly and economically.” ~Howard Gossage

Emphasis on Customer Service

The cornerstone of the Diesel Sales is selling quality products and building strong relationships with customers.

Customers have the option of purchasing new, new surplus, remanufactured or good used diesel engines. We have some of the most knowledgeable people working for us in the industry. Our sales staff can answer questions about pricing, container load discounts for export or interchange information for all of our diesel engines.


Equipment and Truck Engines

We also stock engines for trucking, mining, forestry and logging, farming and agriculture, power generation, paving and road resurfacing, tree care and arborists, material handling, fracking and oil field engines. Whether you are looking for one engine or a full container load of engines for international shipment, Diesel Sales has the inventory!

One satisfied customer is Grantsville Truck and Trailer located in Grantsville, Maryland. Dave says, “Diesel Sales got us exactly what we wanted-after we had been told it couldn’t be done!”


Remanufactured Komatsu, CAT and Cummins Engines

Our goal is to always find what type of product the customer needs. One of the options is remanufactured diesel engines. They are a great option for customers looking for a diesel engine. Diesel Sales specializes in Komatsu remanufactured diesel engines and also sells Cummins and CAT remanufactured engines.

All remanufactured engines come with a full one-year parts warranty. So instead of trying to rebuild and fix your engine, buying one of our remanufactured diesel engines will get your equipment up and running much faster. Most of our remanufactured engines are already in stock and ready to ship or can be finished to the customers’ specifications.

All remanufactured engines have new turbos, water pumps, oil pumps, oil cooler elements, filters and new injectors, except where noted. These engines come complete, dyno tested and ready to install with a one-year warranty. They also meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

In addition to offering quality products, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices in the industry. Diesel Sales sells new, new surplus and good used diesel truck engines on an exchange basis, and passes the savings on to our customers.


Experts in Engine Interchange

We are experts in the interchange process and know what parts will work for what type diesel equipment. Please visit our Equipment Information Guide which shares a wide range of interchange information for your engine, piece of equipment or application.

Diesel Sales also sells cores for re-building diesel engines. To help keep their pricing low, Diesel Sales will also take some extra trade-ins. In many cases, engines and transmissions will ship the next day. We also export worldwide and can arrange freight for all of our engines and we do offer container load discounts.

In addition to diesel engines, Diesel Sales offers OEM quality, competitively priced remanufactured transmissions and differentials with the freight paid both ways in US 48.

There is no hassle with the lowest refundable core deposit in the industry. All Allison and Fuller transmissions have a 24 month warranty, and CAT and off-road units are warrantied for 12 months.



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