Look on the engine data plate: Locate your Kubota Engine Serial Number

On all Kubota engines, the engine serial number may be found over the cylinder head of the engine. This is where the engine data plate is located. The engine data plate contains the name of the manufacturer, the model of the engine, and the engine serial number.

look for the engine TAg

Engine serial numbers may be hard to find, but are crucial when buying a replacement engine for your truck or piece of equipment. On a Kubota engine, the engine serial number is 7 digits long if manufactured after 2012. If your Kubota engine was manufactured before 2012, the engine serial number will be 6 digits long.

After a long period of time, the engine data plate may become increasingly difficult to read, with a buildup of grease and dirt. If may even fall off. You may also find your Kubota engine serial number stamped into the engine block. The location of this will vary per engine model. See below:

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