kubota v2230 remanufactured engine


four numbers are needed to quote your kubota engine

In order to quote your Kubota engine, we need four numbers to properly ID your engine. 

You will need to locate two tags, one on your engine, one on your piece of equipment.

  • Full engine model number

    Find your engine tag on your near your valve cover, or locate your model number on the Emissions tag. (see below)

  • Full engine serial number

    Your engine serial number is on the tag on or near the valve cover AND engraved into the block. (see below)

  • Machine Model Number

    Locate the tag on your piece of equipment and find your model number. (see below)

  • Machine serial number

    Once you have located the tag on your piece of equipment, find your equipment serial number. (see below)

Locate this tag on or near your engine block

This sticker/tag shows your engine model number AND your engine serial number. This is the best tag for you to locate, it will give you all of the information about your engine. If this tag is missing you can locate this information engraved in the block. (see below)

This tag shows your model #, but not your engine serial number

This is the EPA tag and shows your complete engine model. This tag does not have your engine serial number on it. 

Kubota machine tag that shows model and serial number of your equipment

Locate your machine tag and find the model number of your piece of equipment as well as your machine serial number. 

engine serial number engraved on the block

If your tag is missing you can locate your engine serial number engraved on the block. Use the diagrams below for the approximate placement. This image is an example of what you should be looking for. 

kubota engine number engraved

find your engine number stamped on the block

If your engine tag is missing you can also find your engine serial number stamped on the block. The diagrams belows will show you different locations for your engine number. 

If all of your tags are missing, you must locate your engine serial number engraved into the block of your engine. Here is a diagram of potential locations of your engine serial number based on your Kubota engine series number. 

Image Diagram of Kubota Engine Number Locations


If you have a piece of equipment that needs a new engine the first thing you should do is locate the engine model number and engine serial number. Usually, this information is found on the engine data plate, which can be found on top of the valve cover. Engine serial numbers are also stamped on the engine block .

kubota v2230 remanufactured engine

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