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How to locate your John Deere engine serial number

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We need your John Deere engine serial number to quote a new engine for your piece of equipment. 

You can find the engine data plate on a John Deere diesel engine on or near the valve cover. The valve cover is at the top of the engine. 

video showing your john deere engine data plate location

Be prepared when you call us. This video shows you how to find your engine data plate and what it looks like. We need the information off of this tag in order to quote you the proper engine for your piece of equipment. More specifically, we may ask you for the John Deere engine serial number, the make, and the model of your piece of equipment. 

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Generally, serial numbers can be found in two different places. They can be on the engine tag, on the valve cover, and stamped in the block. Providing us with your John Deere engine serial number allows us to remanufacture your engine to its specifications. Without the information on your serial number, we would be unable to rebuild your engine. 

Altogether, John Deere diesel engines have a legacy in the agricultural and industrial industries for their reliability, versatility, power, and performance. In the future, you can expect many more advancements from John Deere’s technology as a leading provider of diesel engines. 

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