Engine serial numbers can be found on the engine tag or stamped into the engine block

look for the engine TAG

An engine serial number is needed to purchase a replacement engine for your truck or piece of equipment. The engine serial number tells our engine specialists what will be an exact fit for your application. An exact fit will reduce your labor costs by eliminating the need for much changeover.

The engine serial number can be found on the engine data plate. on a cummins engine, this is located on the left side by the injection pump.

find your cummins engine serial number on the engine block

If the engine tag is no longer readable or has fallen off the engine, you may locate the serial number stamped into the block of the engine. This video shows where to find the engine serial number stamped into a Cummins Big Cam.

Have a different make of Cummins engine? Watch this video for a general idea of what to look for, and where Cummins stamps their engines!

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