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Perkins diesel engine

How to locate your Perkins engine serial number

Perkins diesel engine

Perkins engine are different than most other diesel engines. In order for us to quote this engine, we need more than just the model and serial number of the engine. We need the engine’s Perkins family code to determine the correct replacement for your piece of equipment.

This information is most often found on the emissions tag. 

perkins engine tag

This emissions tag shows three pieces of information that we need to quote your engine. Locate this tag and call us with this information.

Perkins engine tag AR

Sometimes an engine will be too old for the typical emissions tag. In cases like this, we need this information off of the block. 

video showing the placement of perkins engine information

Be prepared when you call us. This video shows you how to find your Perkins serial number and family code. We need the information off of the tags shown in the video to quote you the proper engine for your piece of equipment. 

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