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Protect your investment

When it comes to taking care of your piece of equipment or truck, it is important to keep up with diesel engine maintenance. If your engine fails, so will the equipment, leading to a temporary loss in work and  revenue.

It is important to maintain your diesel engine to avoid destroying your block or head. Damage like this can be devastating and can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Harsh damage could even mean needing a replacement engine for your application. Additionally, a damaged core could cause a loss in money when being charged a core deposit for a replacement engine. Learn how to keep up diesel engine maintenance and avoid unwanted costs:


Regular oil changes are important when it comes to taking care of your diesel engine. This step will help avoid any internal damage to the engine parts. If the oil inside of a diesel engine isn’t changed, this may cause the internal parts of the engine to get too hot when running. This will cause damage to the parts down the line, and will sooner create failure of the engine. Conserving the internal parts to your engine is key for diesel engine maintenance and will help avoid costly repairs or replacements later on.


A diesel engine operates at extremely high temperatures. With that being said, it is important to keep your diesel engine from overheating. To do so, you may consider using a coolant. Tip: When using a coolant solution, change this solution often so the chemicals do not begin to erode and damage important parts of your diesel engine. Monitoring engine temperature is key to diesel engine maintenance.


Fuel filters on a diesel engine are there to protect the fuel system components. There are typically several fuel filters contained within the diesel engine that prevent tiny particles from reaching the engine. It is important to keep possible contaminants out of your fuel system. If this isn’t done, contaminants could damage internal engine parts, leading to engine failures. Change filters regularly to keep contaminants out of the fuel system and avoid damaging internal components.


A simple way to reduce the wear of your engine is to avoid idling for too long. This will cut down on burning fuel. When spending more time idle, this puts more hours on the engine and creates more wear. Keeping your engine at low hours when possible is important to conserving your engine’s longevity.

Extend the life of your vehicle

Remember, doing diesel engine maintenance today will pay off with a reliable performance for years to come. Looking to upgrade? Check our inventory for a wide selection of engines keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.