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Detroit Diesel DDEC engine Levels Explained

Curious about the Detroit DDEC Levels?

We can help you figure out the Detroit DDEC Levels

Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC) is a popular engine management system used in Detroit Diesel engines. Generally, Detroit DDEC levels are associated with when they were released to the market. Although the Series 60 is the most popular engine model to use the Detroit DDEC Levels’ engine management systems, other Detroit Diesel engine models also use DDEC technology. 

It must be remembered that there are also differences in Detroit DDEC levels based on whether or not it is a truck application or an industrial application. As usual in the diesel engine industry, there are of course exceptions to every rule. For example, here are some Detroit Diesel models that use DDEC engine management system:

  • 6V71/6V71T
  • Series 50
  • Series 53
  • Series 60
  • Series 71
  • Series 92
  • DD13
  • DD15
  • DD16

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In other words, DDEC engines have different levels or versions in order to refer to the system’s software as well as their hardware configuration. 

All things considered, the different Detroit DDEC levels of engines represent engineering advancements in engine management technology, resulting in improved performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions overall. 

You can read specifically about DDEC interchangeability here. Summing up, below is a timeline of the release and characteristics of Detroit DDEC levels of engines over time.