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We supply Detroit Diesel remanufactured truck and industrial engines built with all OEM parts, additionally we have other types of programs at different pricing levels. 

These engines are built to your exact serial number as direct drop-in engines. We also can supply good used Detroit Diesel industrial engines for many applications.  Commons engines we sell are Detroit SER 60 12.7, and Detroit SER 60 14.0L, as well as DD13, DD15, and DD16 plus others.

In order to give you an accurate price, we will need engine serial number. You can find the engine serial number on the valve cover and/or engraved into the block.

Because Detroit Diesel builds dozens of variations of each model engine (different intake manifolds and sump locations etc.), we have to determine exactly which engine you have. Your serial number gives us that data and specifications. 

We warranty everything we sell and Read our blog article: How to Find your Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Number


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