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Need help finding the right engine?

The Diesel Engine People can assist you in finding the right engine for your machine or truck. At Diesel Sales, we are experts in interchange. We can assist our customers in matching the right engine to the right piece of equipment or truck. When buying from Diesel Sales, you can be certain your engine will fit exactly into your application.. The first time, without any headaches.

Your engine arrives ready to go to work for you

We DYNO test all of our remanufactured engines prior to shipment. DYNO testing ensures all remanufacturing steps were completed properly, and the engine is ready to run. Upon arrival of your engine, production may start immediately, without fine tuning in the field. Our remanufactured engines are built to your serial number, and require little to no changeover.

Picture of engines on the truck ready to be shipped

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Our Customers Save Money on Freight

We arrange round-trip freight for all shipments. Our freight quotes include the cost of shipping the replacement engine, and picking up the engine core from the customer. Whether shipping an engine domestically or internationally, we guarantee hassle-free freight for our customers. Once tracking is available, our customers are notified and able to track the progress of their engine shipment.

All customers receive a warranty with their engine purchase

From 100 days to two years, we warranty every engine we sell. We have a dedicated warranty department to expedite all warranty claims. If an issue were to occur, we assist our customers immediately, and ensure communication every step of the way until all issues are reconciled.

Remanufactured Engines Allow for Complete Drop-In Upon Arrival

At Diesel Sales, we remanufacture engines six days a week. Our remanufactured engines are built to customer serial numbers. This reduces installation costs, time, and out-of-pocket expenses, as our remanufactured engines are guaranteed a complete drop-in to the customers application upon arrival.

Our Customers Can Buy With Confidence

We have been in business for over 50 years. We are an established rebuilder and diesel engine supplier with many satisfied customers throughout our years in business.

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