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Why Buy From Us

Quality engines

Our first criteria is always quality product. 

We only build and carry the best engines in the marketplace. Our attention to detail is always foremost in our mind. Almost every engine we sell is dyno-tested. 

We can assist you in finding the right engine for your machine or truck. We are experts in interchanging diesel engines. In other words, we assist our customers in matching the right engine to the right piece of equipment or truck. When buying from Diesel Sales, be certain your engine will fit into your application.  

We have been awarded The 2022 Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year!  

get you back up and running

We dyno test all of our remanufactured engines. More specifically, Dyno testing connects the engine to a dynamometer, which measures and analyzes the engine’s output under controlled conditions. 

Most importantly, dyno testing assures that all remanufacturing steps were completed properly. It begins the break-in process of the engine, allowing it to go to work immediately. See dyno testing in action!

All of our remanufactured diesel engines are built to the serial number specifications of our customer. Our engines require little to no changeover. 

I recently bought a truck... Come to find out it actually needed a new motor. I got in touch with Diesel Sales and ordered a OEM spec built Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7 liter. I have to say for the price - it's worth every penny. Comes with a great 2-year warranty. You can't beat it. Better than the dealer for Freightliner. I would highly recommend ordering your new motor from these guys. They definitely know what they're doing which is a huge plus in this industry.


We arrange round-trip freight for our diesel engines. Our freight costs cover dropping off our engine and picking up the engine core. In fact, we sell many of our engines with freight already included in our price!

 Whether shipping domestically or internationally, we guarantee hassle-free freight. Once tracking becomes available, our customers can track their engine. 

diesel engine buying tips

Buy Diesel Engines with Confidence!

We have 55 years of business experience! We are an established engine remanufacturer and supplier. Our dedicated team of staff, engine remanufacturers, and dyno-testers is committed to building the highest quality product and excellent customer experience.

I have been purchasing container loads of engines from these guys for more than 20 years. Diesel Sales are led by profoundly serious & customer friendly people. They only sell quality engines, and the best thing is that they stand behind their product. I highly recommend Diesel Sales. I buy engines from all over the USA & Diesel Sales is one of the best engine suppliers.

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