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Our remanufacturing process

Cat engine image for warranty page
step-by-step remanufacturing
Cost Saving

Our remanufacturing process is significantly less money than a new OEM engine.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusing and recyling major engine parts such as the block, crankshaft and cylinder heads have a positive impact on our environment. 

100% Identical

We can build to your exact specification and the time to install the engine will cost less. 

High Quality Parts

We use a combination of OEM or better parts. All of our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications. 


After your engine is built it goes on the dyno for a dyno-teste to make sure it passes all inspections under load. 


We support and warranty all of our engines all over the United States and abroad.

Our remanufacturing process

assembling an engine
dynotesting engine

Our remanufacturing process