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Yanmar engine destruction 3

steps to destroy your yanmar core to get your core credit

  • Remove the riveted metal engine tag and the emission control information sticker.
  • Attach both the emission control sticker and the metal engine tag on the “Replacement Engine Record” form.
  • Check the box that says “engine scrapped in the field”.
  • Sign and date the form on the bottom.
  • Strategically place a 2” hole in the block above the engraved serial number.

Take these (5) pictures of the:

  • Metal Riveted Engine Tag
  • Emissions Control Sticker
  • Block with the 2’’ hole + Serial Number
  • Complete block
  • “Replacement Engine Record” form

Email all of the pictures above to Mail the paperwork with tracking to Diesel Sales 55 W Wacker Drive, #1120, Chicago, IL 60601

Core Credit

Once we receive the paperwork in the mail, it takes about four weeks for us to process everything and issue a credit to you.