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Buying a diesel engine is an investment. The process can be somewhat complex depending on your level of experience with engine purchases. 

Many Configurations

Engines come in many different configurations – for instance, a CAT C15 engine has both industrial applications and truck uses; an industrial CAT C15 engine will not work in your truck. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework to get the correct engine. You should purchase your diesel engine from a reputable company that stands behind their product.

Need an engine? The Diesel Sales engine specialists will help you find what you need. Customer service is our priority.

Avoid costly Mistakes

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we want to help you avoid costly mistakes. We put together some questions you can ask your diesel engine vendor. We also give you some tips on how to compare quotes. Choosing a vendor for your diesel engine is a very important part of the process. We hope this article helps you make a good business decision for your company.

Komatsu diesel engines for sale

This place is the best in the business I am talking from experience. From the 1st call to the last call nothing but pure satisfaction. Great people, great service, great product. Oh yeah and speak to Lauren she is the BEST!!!!

~Dave Pellegrino

“From the beginning, Diesel Sales has been an Internet business. Most everybody uses the Internet, and for us to be competitive, we felt we needed to have the business be online.” That being said, having a warehouse full of product gives Diesel Sales the advantage of being able to ship quickly, often within 24 hours, because Chicago is shipping hub of the US, Diesel Sales can ship quickly and economically.” ~Howard Gossage

“Diesel Sales got us exactly what we wanted-after we had been told it couldn’t be done!”

~ Dave from Granstville, MD

Howard Gossage and the Diesel Sales team are innovators in the industry, we have done a lot of business over the years buying and selling. Always fair pricing, excellent product and customer service is second to none. Looking forward to continuing our business relationship.

~Saul Goldfarb

Lauren at Diesel Sales is great I’m in the process of buying a six Cummins and she is very knowledgeable and patient left a long lasting impression hope to complete business with you guys soon.

~Carl Chaney

This place is great. We have bought many engines from them and have never had a problem. Our latest purchase was for a reman QSX15 – there were some delays due to parts availability but who isn’t experiencing that nowadays? They pulled some strings to get things done and it runs like a top. We are back to work and will be glad to continue our relationship. Thanks again guys, especially Dave!


I recently bought a truck come to find out it actually needed a new motor so I got in touch with diesel sales and ordered a OEM spec built Detroit Diesel 12.7 I’d have to say for the price it’s worth every penny come with a great 2-year warranty you can’t beat it better than the dealer for Freightliner.  Highly recommend ordering your new motor from these guys they definitely know what they’re doing which is a plus in this industry.

~MTO Trans

I purchased a Reman Cat engine from Dave Gwizdowski in sales. We had a couple minor issues with this engine and I am more than impressed with the professional courtesy in which these issues were taken care of. I got full and immediate resolve without any run around. Also special kudos to Kenny Soraghan in warranty and I even got great service from Randy your shop foreman. My customer was impressed also with the quick no hassle answers to these problems.
~Dave Jongeling

Lauren, you and your company by far…. have the best customer service I have ever received.


It is important to buy from an established company when making an engine purchase. This ensures your engine is coming from a company you can trust with experience to back up their sale. A good engine specialist can answer all of your questions and if they don’t know the answer, they should be honest and check with other in-house experts and get back to you.

The company should be able to expertly advise you on engine interchange. That comes with experience.

Is the supplier knowledgeable and friendly?

You have to be confident in the salesperson's ability to recommend the correct engine. They should be friendly and customer service oriented. 

Buying engines is a team sport. Team up with a supplier that is knowledgeable with years of experience.


How complete is this engine and what does it come with?
What do you mean by remanufactured, did you tear the engine down and machine the block, head and crank?
How long is your warranty and what does it cover?
Is freight included in your quote?

You must know exactly what you are getting before buying so you can be confident that what is being quoted will actually work for you and meet or exceed all of your expectations.


If you are looking to buy from a company that does not offer warranties with their product, this is a bad sign. All companies should back what they sell by giving a warranty with a purchase. Warranties ensure the company covers you if anything were to happen with your engine within the time frame of the warranty. Every diesel engine is an investment, so it is crucial to have warranty support from the company you are buying it from.


If you are remanufacturing or buying a remanufactured engine instead of buying a new one, dyno-testing is critical. Dyno-testing ensures your remanufactured engine meets performance standards, was built correctly, and is ready to go to work when it arrives.


Reviews, reviews, REVIEWS! Always do your research when buying an engine. Looking into a company’s past reviews is key to assessing the experience you may have when you purchase your replacement engine!

Heavy Duty remanufacturer of the year

We have been awarded the Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year Award for 2022! We would like to thank APRA for the recognition. It is an immense honor! Thank you to all of the members of the Heavy Duty Remanufacturing Group of APRA. Click the link below for more background on our company and more information about Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association – APRA.