Warranty Information


  • Remanufactured engine warranty: One year or 2,000 hours, whichever occurs first (limited parts and labor warranty).
  • OEM new warranty: manufacturer warranty.
  • New surplus engines: one year parts warranty.


All repairs must be PRE-APPROVED by DIESEL SALES warranty department. Any work done without approval will not be considered for payment. Labor and repair times will be paid based on industry standards.

DIESEL SALES will not cover any excluded items outline in the limited policy & procedures. Some of those items include (but are not limited to): Towing, shop supplies, sales tax, consumables (oil, filters, etc.), mileage, downtime, mark-up, or rental.

Incomplete forms will not be processed. Engine must have been registered at time of sale, DIESEL SALES will not start a claim until complete registration information has been received from the original installer or vehicle owner.

Repairing location must call DIESEL SALES Warranty department (1.312.368.7997) upon completion of the repair and prior to the release of the vehicle to the owner. Payment will NOT be issued until failed product has been returned and analyzed.

Email DIESEL SALES for additional warranty information or technical assistance: warranty@dieselsales.com

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Diesel Sales remanufactured products are dyno-tested for performance and are ready to go to work for you!

Engines must be registered within 30 days of shipment from Diesel Sales to activate warranty coverage.

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Return Form to the Diesel Sales Warranty Department:
Email: warranty@dieselsales.com
Fax: 312.368.9419


If you are experiencing a problem with a Diesel Sales remanufactured product, please call 312.368.7997 ask for the Warranty department OR send an email to warranty@dieselsales.com to begin your claim.

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