Remanufactured Engines VS Rebuilt Engines

Remanufactured versus rebuilt engines

When buying a new engine, it is important to know exactly what your supplier is quoting. Oftentimes, a customer will receive quotes from multiple vendors with a large range in cost for what may seem to be the same engine. However, these vendors may not be quoting the same thing. The cheaper offer may be a quote for a long block, while the more expensive offer may be a quote for a complete engine.

The same goes when a customer is looking at remanufacturing their engine. When looking into multiple vendors to weigh the best options, it is important to know some vendors rebuild engines while others go through a complete remanufacturing process. The terms remanufactured and rebuilt are often used interchangeably. However, remanufacturing an engine is far superior to rebuilding. Read more about the difference between a rebuilt engine and a remanufactured engine:

Rebuilt engnes

A rebuilt engine is a repaired unit. Rebuilding an engine repairs to the level of failure that the engine has, plus a basic inframe reman kit. Major engine component parts such as the cylinder block, crankshaft, and rods are not sent to be machined. When an engine is rebuilt, some parts are reused and highly damaged parts are replaced.

Remanufactured Engines

A remanufactured engine is completely dismantled. All major component parts are sent to the machine shop, and brought back to the original blueprints and exact specifications. These components are then tested to original equipment OEM standards. When remanufacturing an engine, the engine technician removes any outdated components. All parts are replaced with OEM, or equal to OEM new parts. Because of this, many engineers believe a remanufactured engine is just as good as a new engine. Remanufacturing an engine is to make the engine as close to new as possible, or better. 

Our Diesel Sales Remanufactured Engines

All of our remanufactured engines include a new turbo, water pump, oil pump, oil cooler element, filters, new or rebuilt injectors and injection pumps. All Diesel Sales remanufactured engines include a full, out of frame reman kit. All remanufactured engines are dyno tested to ensure field readiness. 

Bills of Materials – Parts Reference

Full new out of frame reman kit. The Reman kit comes complete with gasket kits, all pistons (piston pins, clips, and rings), cam bushings, rod bushings, rod bolts, rod, main and thrust bearings, and much more.

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