Our Step-By-Step Remanufacturing Process

Remanufacturing Step-by-Step

Upon receiving a customer’s core, the engine is completely dismantled. All major engine components are sent to the machine shop and brought back to exact specifications.

Once at the Machine Shop

  • All major components (block, crank, heads, and rods) are vetted and cleaned. This allows full inspection and assessment of damage of these parts, as all grease and oil is cleaned off of the parts.
  • Heads are disassembled and inspected. Any parts that are not reusable (valves, seats, and guides) are replaced.
  • Heads are resurfaced, valve seats are recut, vacuum tested and pressure tested.
  • The water pressure of the head is tested for cracks or leaks around the injector tubes. Only once it has passed the water pressure test, the head is then resurfaced and a complete valve job is done.
  • Cylinder blocks are checked for cracks along with the block surface.
  • Blocks are bored, aligned, and cylinder are honed, all to OEM specifications.
  • Counter bores and main bearing bores are inspected and machined, bringing them back to original factory specifications.
  • Crankshafts are turned and checked for straightness and cracks. If the crankshafts are good, they are turned and polished back to OEM specifications.
  • Connecting rods are resized at the crank end. New bushings are then installed and honed.
  • The engine is compression and pressure tested.

Parts replaced

Our remanufactured diesel engines have the following parts replaced:

  • New turbo, new water pump, new oil pump, and new oil cooler element.
  • Filters are replaced
  • New or rebuilt injectors and injector pumps
  • New liners or sleeves
  • Our remanufactured diesel engines includes a full, new, out of frame reman kit. This kit includes: pistons, piston pins, piston clips, piston rings, cam bushings, rod bushings, rod bolts, rods, main and thrust bearings.

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