Our Remanufacturing Process

Komatsu, CAT, Cummins Rebuilding Specialists

At Diesel Sales, we specialize in the remanufacturing of most models of Komatsu, Cummins, and CAT diesel engines for off-road applications. We completely transform an engine and make it new again in our 40,000 square foot remanufacturing facility. We also carry a complete line of on-highway truck engines. A remanufactured engine built to your exact specifications reduces your installation cost and out-of-pocket expenses. We operate six days a week to reduce lead-times on our reman engines and to provide a better purchasing experience for our customers.

CAT c18 reman engine for sale
Diesel Sales Dyno-testing a CAT engine


We dyno-test every Diesel Sales reman engine before it goes out the door. Each engine is load-tested to measure the engines force, torque, horsepower and overall fitness. Dyno testing ensures field-readiness upon arrival for our customers.

Rebuilt to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications

When remanufacturing an engine, the following is replaced:

  • Pistons (piston pins, piston clips, piston rings)
  • Cam bushings & Rod bushings
  • Rod bolts
  • Turbo
  • Sleeves (cylinder block has to be bored and sleeves pressed in)
  • Rod, Main and Thrust bearings
  • Oil pump & Water pump
  • Oil cooler (if equipped)
  • Valve guides and any valves that need replacing
  • Complete gasket kits
  • All machine work to block and crank done as well.

We offer a one year or 2,000 hour parts and labor warranty on all Diesel Sales branded remanufactured engines. If you need help or just have a question you can always call our warranty hotline at 312-736-6220 or email an expert in our warranty department at warranty@dieselsales.com.

Our professionally trained and certified technicians completely remanufacture each engine, bringing it back to its original equipment specifications plus all new updates! With the amount of space and time dedicated to the remanufacturing of engines, the Diesel Engine People can assure high quality product delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

We specialize in remanufactured Komatsu engines

Why Remanufacture?

Remanufacturing an engine is a great alternative to buying a brand-new engine. (If the core is in good enough condition, of course). Remanufacturing an engine with new parts ensures the same compatibility of the engine and the application the engine is being used for (forklift, crane, etc.). This also assures better operation of an engine, as all new parts installed meet or exceed OEM specifications. Remanufacturing an old engine is more cost-effective for the customer as well as beneficial to the environment. Give us a call today to receive a quote!

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