Look for your engine serial number on the engine tag or stamped into the block

Locate Your Komatsu Engine Serial Number

If you are looking to replace your Komatsu engine with a new or remanufactured engine, it is important to locate your engine serial number before inquiring about a replacement. Engine serial numbers allow us to find the exact match that will fit your piece of equipment. This helps avoid extra labor and changeover.

The serial number of your engine is available in two places

You can find your engine serial number on the engine data plate. The engine data plate can be found on the left side of a Komatsu engine. However, it may vary per engine model. The engine data plate contains the name of the manufacturer, the model of the engine, the engine serial number, and the arrangement number. The engine serial number may also be found stamped into the block of the engine.

komatsu engine serial number

Can’t find your engine tag?

After an engine has been in use for awhile, it is likely the engine tag will have a build-up of grease and dirt. It may even fall off. Luckily, you may find your engine serial number stamped into the engine block. Watch our video series on where to find your engine serial number!

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