Isuzu diesel engines

We can supply many Isuzu diesel engine models for many different applications. We offer new, remanufactured and good used engine. If you need an Isuzu engine, give us a call with your serial number.

Locate Your Isuzu Engine Serial Number

When buying a replacement engine for your piece of equipment or truck, we need your engine serial number to make sure we are supplying a replacement engine that will work well without a lot of changeover. Here at Diesel Sales, we do not quote a customer until we have an engine serial number to cross reference with our inventory.

Engine serial numbers can be found in two places. They can be found on the valve cover or stamped into the block of the engine.

Can’t find the tag on the valve cover?

We made this video just for you so you can find the engine serial number stamped on the block. This video shows where Isuzu generally places the number on the block. If you have a different model engine it might be in a slightly different place. This video will give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

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