Locate Your CAT Engine Serial Number


If you have a piece of equipment that needs a new engine the first thing you should do is locate the engine model number and CAT engine serial number. Usually you can find this information on a metallic plate which can be found on the driver side of the valve cover, sometimes it can be found on the passenger side as well. Engine serial numbers are also stamped on the engine block and you can locate them on the driver or passenger side usually behind the exhaust manifold.

The serial number is usually 8 digits long, for example the picture of the dataplate to the right has a serial number of MSX81323.

Write down the numbers or take a picture of the tag and give us a call. A Diesel Engine Specialist will be able to verify whether we can supply a new engine, re-manufactured or both.


We supply new surplus, remanufactured and good used engines for heavy duty pieces of equipment, industrial applications, off-highway and on-highway trucks. We supply CAT engines for excavators, dozers, loaders, and many other applications. View our CAT engine inventory.

How to locate your CAT engine serial number
How to locate your CAT engine serial number
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