Find your engine serial number in two places on your engine:

The engine tag, often located near the valve cover, or stamped in the engine block

Locate Your Yanmar Engine Serial Number

If you have a piece of equipment that needs a new engine the first thing you should do is locate the engine model number and engine serial number. Usually, this information is found on the engine data plate, which can be found on top of the valve cover. Engine serial numbers are also stamped on the engine block (see video below).

Write down your serial number and give us a call. A Diesel Engine Specialist will be able to verify whether we can supply a new engine, re-manufactured or both, while ensuring an exact fit.

how to locate your yanmar engine serial number

This is not the engine serial number

This is the EPA tag. This does not contain the engine serial information.

yanmar epa tag

Can’t find the tag on the valve cover? Look for your serial number on your engine block

We made this video just for you so you can find the engine serial number stamped on the block.

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